What is Viitasphere?

Viitasphere is the economy of the future, where everyday people, rather than a central power, control the economy. With Viitasphere every individual will have the ability to connect with one another on a peer-to-peer platform in order to request and provide services and goods for a cost determined by both parties, paid in any manner they see fit.

Will it cost anything to use Viitasphere?

No. However, there will be a paid Premium membership with some exciting benefits that are detailed in our Business Plan/White Paper.

Will it cost anything to buy/sell on Viitasphere?

As a decentralized application built for the future we will be able to succeed in offering near instantaneous transactions without platform fees. The only fees applied to users will be those incurred from their credit/debit card payments, blockchain gas fees or exchange rates. When members utilize our native VIITA coin, no fees of ANY kind will apply to transactions.

How will I be able to pay for goods and services on Viitasphere?

Viitasphere will simply be an open and free market controlled by all the individuals using it. It is the ideal economy and will allow for an array of payment options, including fiat, VIITA Coin, precious metals, and even barter.

What is VIITA Coin?

VIITA is our native cryptocurrency which allows members to buy/sell/transact on Viitasphere instantaneously and free of any fees. With other forms of payment, such as creditor debit cards, there are fees associated with their use that are not created by, nor a result of, Viitasphere.

What is VIICT token?

VIICT stands for "VIITA Certificate Tokens". This special class of token represents the ONLY way to share in the Viitasphere platform profits over the long term. One third of all future Viitasphere profits will go back to the holders of VIICT. VIICT tokens are only available to purchasers of VIITA in our Private Contribution Period, our Pre-Sale, and Main Sale.

What is the difference between VIITA and VIICT?

VIITA coin is the native form of currency on the Viitasphere platform. VIITA has a true USE CASE - as it can be utilized to pay for all transactions on Viitasphere - for buying or selling services and/or products offered by our members. VIICT (or VIITA Certificate Tokens), however, is a dividend class token that allows its holders to share in the future profits of Viitasphere.

How many VIITA are there?

Currently the supply of VIITA is low at just 500M tokens. The circulating supply of VIITA is considerably lower, as most of the initial supply is held by Viitasphere itself. We will be distributing some of these tokens in our Private Contribution Period, Pre-Sale and Main Sale, and through our numerous AirGrabs. Once our platform is launched, VIITA supply may increase from time to time to ensure liquidity of our native token for all on-site transactions.

How many VIICT (VIITA Certificate Tokens) are there?

VIICT or "VIITA Certificate Tokens" are, and always will be, VERY rare. There will only ever be 500K VIICT. The only way to receive VIICT is by purchasing VIITA during our Private Contribution Period, Pre-Sale and Main Sale. For every 2K VIITA you purchase, you will receive a complimentary or "bonus" VIICT, which will allow its holder to share in future Viitasphere profits via quarterly dividends.

Can I buy VIITA coin and VIICT tokens on exchanges?

At present VIITA is only available for purchase directly from Viitasphere in our sale periods. Eventually VIITA will be available on select DEX's, exchanges, etc. Initial issuance of VIICT will only be available as an added "gift" or "bonus" for purchasing VIITA from Viitasphere.

When does the Private Contribution begin?

The Private Contribution Period, or our "friends and family" round, has already quietly begun. For more information feel free to DM one of our admins in our Telegram channel or send us an email at, or visit the page about VIITA Coin.

What is the price of VIITA during the Private Contribution Period?

VIITA coins are available in our Private Contribution Period, otherwise known as our "friends and family" round, at the lowest price of just $0.01 per token.

When does the Pre-Sale begin?

The Pre-Sale of VIITA from Viitasphere is projected to commence in September, 2019.

What will the price of VIITA be during the Pre-Sale?

VIITA coin will be available in our Pre-Sale for $0.02 per VIITA.

When does the Main Sale begin?

The Main Sale of VIITA from Viitasphere will commence in October, 2019.

What will the price of VIITA be during the Main Sale?

VIITA Coins will be available in our Main Sale for $0.03 per VIITA.

Can I buy VIICT tokens during the Private Contribution Period, Pre-Sale or Main Sale?

No. The ONLY way to receive VIICT (VIITA Certificate Tokens) is to purchase VIITA Coins. For every 2,000 VIITA purchased, the buyer will receive a special "gift" or "bonus" of 1 VIICT.

How can I pay for VIITA coin during the Private Contribution Period, Pre-Sale and Main sale?

We will be accepting TLOS, EOS, BTC, and ETH in exchange for VIITA during the various rounds of our token sale. Some exceptions or special considerations may be made on a case by case basis, at the discretion of Viitasphere, to accept other forms of payment for VIITA.

Are there airdrops of VIITA coming from Viitasphere?

No. Viitasphere will be providing interested Telos account holders with AirGrabs to allow them to receive VIITA tokens. Further details will follow prior to each individual AirGrab.

How many airgrabs are coming from Viitasphere?

There will be an Initial AirGrab campaign commencing in February, 2019. There will also be a total of FOUR quarterly AirGrabs after the closing of our Pre-Sale.

When are the airgrabs coming from Viitasphere?

The VIITA AirGrabs commence in February, 2019. The initial AirGrab campaign will be available for two months to everyone on the Telos Network. The first of FOUR additional Quarterly AirGrabs will start in December, 2019. More details will follow as we get closer to each individual AirGrab.

What do I have to do to qualify for the airgrabs?

You will simply have to Claim each AirGrab to ensure you receive it. Further details will follow with clear instructions to make it easy to Claim your VIITA during each respective AirGrab.

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