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Viitasphere is the economy of the future, where everyday people, rather than a central power, control the economy. The Platform will allow every member to connect with one another to request and provide services and goods. As a decentralized application built on the Telos blockchain network, we will be able to succeed in offering instantaneous transactions, all without the burden of platform fees. Viitasphere will also offer a true peace of mind rating system which will revolutionize online transactions. Working for oneself and experiencing financial freedom has never been easier. Viitasphere is going to completely reshape how we think about and navigate in the world of commerce. The world and all of its inhabitants are ready for a change. Viitasphere is leading the charge.

BENEFITS OF Viitasphere Logo

Zero Platform Fees

With Viitasphere you no longer have to worry about excessive and costly platform fees. Unlike our competitors, we've made our platform free to use with no hidden fees.


The Future of Transacting

In addition to traditional methods of payment, our members can also enjoy free and instantaneous transactions with the use of our native currency, VIITA Coin.


Community Standing

Our Community Standing Score was developed to ensure the safety and security of our members and to counteract the all too common paid reviews of other platforms.


Viitasphere Logo

These are a few examples of what is possible with Viitasphere. The sky is the limit when We the People take charge.

Viitasphere Usecase


VIITA Coin is the native currency of Viitasphere and will be instrumental in our pursuit of achieving mainstream adoption by means of its simplicity and real world implementation. Community members will be able to purchase VIITA Coin on the platform and have it transferred to their account. From there they can send VIITA to friends and family as a gift and pay for services or goods. Unlike credit card transactions, which come with fees and can take days to process, using Viita Coin will afford members free and instantaneous transactions. We aim to gain mass adoption throughout the globe and will undertake a vigorous marketing campaign to bring this goal to fruition. We want to position VIITA Coin to be the first universally used international currency.



VIITA Coin will be made available via our airgrab campaign to everyone on the Telos Network. We are also gifting VIITA as a reward to interested parties who participate in our Private Contribution Period. Only 40 million VIITA will be gifted for the Private Contributions. Our VIITA Coin sale is scheduled to begin in September 2019 where 810 Million VIITA will be sold to the public.

For every 2K VIITA you purchase, you will receive a complimentary or "bonus" VIICT, which will allow its holder to share in future Viitasphere profits via quarterly dividends. We will be accepting a variety of payment methods. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS, and Telos (TLOS) will all be accepted.


VIICT stands for "VIITA Certificate Token”. This special class of token represents the ONLY way to share in the Viitasphere platform profits over the long term. One third of all future Viitasphere profits will go back to the holders of VIICT. VIICT will only be available to purchasers of VIITA in our Private Contribution Period, our VIITA Coin Pre-Sale, and Main Sale. VIITA Certificate Tokens are, and always will be, VERY rare. There will only ever be 500K VIICT.

VIICT Details

Viitasphere Logo

Michael Delgado
Co-Founder & CEO

Michael is the CEO of Viitasphere and has co-written the whitepaper and developed the business model. He has experience in sales and marketing and in managing and overseeing business operations.

Justin Johnston
Co-Founder & President

Justin is the President of Viitasphere and has co-written the whitepaper as well as developed the website for Viitasphere. He has experience running businesses from the ground up as well as marketing and web development.

Team & Advisors
Jeff Jackson
Chief Operating Officer

Jeff has a 30 year background in business management as CEO of a highly successful telecom corporation he founded. Jeff now applies his wealth of bricks and mortar experience as COO at Viitasphere.

Kaj Grussner
Chief Financial Officer

Having worked with one of the world's leading professional services firms Kaj brings a wealth of knowledge. He is a consummate professional and business mind, possessing strong skills and experience in business function and finance.

Emily Isbell
Marketing & Sales Director

Motivated, results-oriented, and the ultimate team player, she has experience in sales and marketing and building strong relationships with business partners.

Craig Wilson

Craig has five years of varied tech experience with a detailed eye for UI and UX design and development. He brings his skills to help in the creation of an aesthetically exquisite, seamless, and user friendly platform.

Raymundo Vergara

A business owner possessing strong ethics, his advice, wisdom, and experience have proved to be invaluable to the growth of Viitasphere.

  1. Viitasphere Formed

    July 2018

    Viitasphere is formed by Michael Delgado and Justin Johnston for the purpose of providing a platform to help people achieve financial freedom via the technology of the future.

  2. Website and Whitepaper Development Begins

    August 2018

    Website and Whitepaper development begins.

  3. Website Launched & Digital Marketing Begins

    January 2019

    After months of research and hard work the Website is launched and the Whitepaper completed. The digital marketing campaign also begins spreading the brand of Viitasphere and its many benefits.

  4. Private Contribution Period Begins and Airgrab Opens

    February 2019

    Interested parties can now contribute to the success of Viitasphere and for doing so they will be rewarded in VIITA as a gift for their contribution. The Airgrab for VIITA coin opens to the public allowing each account to claim 75 VIITA via the Telos network.

  5. Airgrab Ends

    March 2019

    The initial Airgrab period ends at block 18 million on the Telos Network.

  6. Airgrab Distribution

    April 2019

    The distribution of the first native Telos airgrab commences.

  7. Pre-Sale Opens

    September 2019

    The Pre-Sale opens allowing the initial crowd to get VIITA at a lower price than the Main sale.

  8. Main Sale Opens

    October 2019

    The Main Sale opens to the public to garner further funding to aid us in achieving our ambitious endeavor.

  9. First Quarterly Airgrab

    December 2019

    The first of the four quarterly airgrabs becomes available.

  10. Main Sale Ends & Team Expansion

    January 2020

    The new year for Viitasphere begins with the closing of the Main Sale and a huge push to build up our marketing team in preparation for our outreach campaign to garner mainstream support.

  11. Second Quarterly Airgrab

    April 2020

    The second of four quarterly airgrabs is made available to the token holders that register.

  12. Development and Outreach Campaign

    May 2020

    Both the Code Development of the platform and the Outreach Campaign begin pushing toward the final stretch to releasing the beta platform.

  13. Third Quarterly Airgrab

    August 2020

    The third quarterly airgrab is made available to the token holders that register.

  14. Fourth Quarterly Airgrab and Beta App Release

    December 2020

    The fourth quarterly airgrab is made available to the token holders that register. The Viitasphere MVP (minimum viable product) is released to the public allowing them to create accounts and get a feel for Viitasphere with more additions to come.

  15. Further Development and Updates

    January 2021

    Development continues and new features and updates are added to the Viitasphere platform.

  16. Official Platform Release

    March 2021

    The official release of the Viitasphere platform arrives with all the necessary features to kickstart the Viitasphere economy. The extra airgrab is made available to those that qualify.

  17. Further Expansion and Updates

    April 2021

    The Outreach Marketing Campaign expands into more territories along with the expansion of the Viitasphere team. The platform continues to receive updates to make for the best possible product for the community.

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